LADYBABY dance in a forest for their epic “Riot Anthem” MV

ladybaby riot anthem

LADYBABY dance in a forest for their epic Riot Anthem MV.

Out now, the release is available solely on

LADYBABY are back with yet another MV that is sure to blow our socks off. In fact, the release of this single is a unique one since it includes a 48 page PB with a digital download card. But, there’s a catch: it’s only available on the Japanese Amazon site.

So, since it’s only available in a few select places, it must not be that good, right? Far from that, it’s an amazing release that is sure to make many people happy.

The visuals of the Riot Anthem MV take place in the middle of the woods where the members wear a variety of white dresses as they sing along to the song. The light used for each shot and the scenes of the members around temples and bridges all combine to make for an impressive video that sets the bar high for future LADYBABY releases.

Is the song as epic as the visuals? Riot Anthem is a brutal delight, combining the traditional idol vocals of the group, with screams, guitars, and rapping verses. This delightful mix of music also has some orchestral mixed in, which is a nice combination that I hope we get to see in future releases.

No information is available on when it will be available outside of Japan or digitally, but here’s hoping we get some kind of release soon since this is a pretty epic release. Check it out below!

Riot Anthem