Tenkoshoujo Kagekidan “Mr.Dream” MV Released

Tenkoshoujo Kagekidan

Tenkoshoujo Kagekidan have released the MV for their song titled Mr.Dream.

It’s not always when you run into an idol group featuring a military theme and it’s a surprisingly good combination if I do say so myself.

The outfits with camo, alongside the music, have a more standardized sound for the interesting feel that the group has. Of course, there is a promo for a game featuring guns in the video so it might be a thinly veiled promo, but it’s an interesting one for sure.

It’s an MV worth watching since it has a storyline with a school club, bright colored dresses, and guns, the perfect accessory for any idol.

The release wasn’t mentioned on the MV but we should be getting a chance to enjoy it soon!