Juice=Juice “Next is You! / Karaka Dake ga Otona ni Nattajanai” Single Announced


Juice=Juice has announced the release of a new single titled Next is you! / Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattanjanai.

There will be 6 editions: 2 regular alongside 4 limited editions, with the limited versions featuring a bonus DVD.

Naturally, Next is you! will be performed by the alter ego of the group called NEXT YOU, the fictional unit from the Budokan drama. This should be a nice bonus since fans might get to see them act out their lines in a different manner, but overall it should boost up sales a bit.

There’s a preview for the song out in the wild due to it being announced at the drama event, it’s listed after the break. Basically, the song sounds solid so far with a nice beat to it that is sure to have fans tapping their foot along.

Of course, it sounds kind of simple since it was a recording of a performance but the full version will probably sound much better, so I’m holding back a few comments.

Juice=Juice fans, make sure to get your copy since this seems like a solid single that will be released February 3!

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