BABYMETAL New Album, World Tour Announced


A new album and world tour for BABYMETAL have been announced.


Details for the new album are slim to none with no title or previews released, but it has been around 2 years since their last release so it is very long overdue.

There will be 3 types: Regular, Limited (+DVD), and an FC version titled THE ONE. Clearly Fan Club members are getting some love with this release, but the other two versions sound good so far. No details on what they contain has been mentioned though.

Despite that the concerts haven’t been on the slim side since that is what they have been mainly doing and thankfully it seems like we are in for another massive tour with England and the Tokyo Dome within the tour dates. No other dates are known so we don’t know where else they could be going at the moment.

April 1st is the release of the new album, with the concert tour hitting it off on April 2nd from Wembley, England.

Source: Babymetal OHP


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