Momoiro Clover Z “HIP HOP SELECTION 7inch VINYL” Announced

Momoiro Clover Z Hip Hop Selection Vinyl

Momoiro Clover Z have announced the release of a Holiday single titled HIP HOP SELECTION 7inch VINYL – LIMITED EDITION.

There will be two tracks in the single: 5 The POWER, as well as Mokkuro ni naru Hate which are both hip hop tracks (not surprising).

Since it is a Christmas single it will most likely have a nice Holiday theme for fans to enjoy, bells and such. Still, we have no idea what to expect other than some of the cutest rappers we’ve seen.

Release will be during their performance on Christmas titled Momoiro Christmas 2015 ~Beautiful Survivors~ on the 23rd-25th.

Source: Momoiro Clover Z OHP