Perfume Collaborate with OK Go For SUSHI POLICE Anime Theme

Perfume OK Go

Perfume have announced that they will be teaming up with OK Go in a group called OK GoxPerfume to perform the song I Don’t Understand You for the anime SUSHI POLICE.

The anime itself is eye catching due to the interesting concept. A group of three are part of an association that review Japanese foods overseas to ensure their authenticity. Simple story, but it has won a poster award at the Cannes Movie Festival so it’s worth checking out if you’re on the fence.

As for the actual song, not much is known, apart from it being a dance tune, but it seems like the members are both excited to work together. A-chan remarked that the song is stylish and that the ability to make music that crosses oceans and labels is unbelievable.

They have worked previously in other videos but the fact that they are working on music and not cameos on MVs such as Pick Me Up is an amazing sign.

The anime has started since January 6, so make sure to tune into the anime and check out the song. Or, check out the preview of the anime after the break!