PASSPO☆ “Mr.Wednesday” MV Released

Passpo Mr.Wednesday

PASSPO☆ has released the MV for their upcoming single titled Mr.Wednesday.

There will be three versions: Type A will feature a DVD with the MV, Type B will also feature a DVD but this time with the Making Of. The coupling will be titled Musical Party and it will be featured on all of the versions.

Release is set for February 24, but as we mentioned a while ago the new single has been in the works for a while, so it’s a relief to finally get to enjoy it.

Ironically enough the MV starts off on Thursday, but the song itself is nice and catchy with an 80’s feel to it. We get to see some great cuts that make the song feel like it was done with one take, and the cream tone on the video fits the song’s nostalgic sound perfectly.

Definitely  a strong release from the group, and one I will most likely buy the minute it comes out. Check it out and get a copy!