Niji no Conquistador “Senjo no St. Valentine” MV Released

Niji no Conquistador Senjo no St. Valentine

The MV for Niji no Conquistador’s Senjo no St. Valentine has been released.

Out February 11, just in time for St. Valentine’s day and like the title suggests, a perfect fit for the occasion. That depends on your idea of love and if it includes fighting with your rival as you try and win the chance to give your crush some chocolate.

Valentine’s Day in Japan usually involves the girl giving the guy some chocolate, and that seems to be the main point of this MV. The members stand outside to give some chocolate to their crush, only to find themselves in a match to the death with weapons. Overall an interesting concept and one that fans will love.

The song itself is quite impressive, with a catchy beat and a slight disco feel. Definitely one of the best starts for the group since even now I find myself humming the song.

It seems like not much info is known about the single, but we are most likely going to be in for a treat once the release date rolls on by.

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