New Group “Idol School” Announced

Idol School

A new group, produced by former Morning Musume member Lin Lin, titled Idol School has been announced.

The Chinese idol group recently held a press conference to celebrate their debut. They consist of 25 members who are all still in school. They had formed back in November 2014, which is interesting since it seems like they have been in the works for a while.

Idol School Morning Musume Lin Lin

As you might remember, Lin Lin is half of the Chinese additions to Morning Musume for the 8th generation. Alongside Mitsui Aika and Jun Jun, Lin Lin led a fun and talented generation. Her graduation was a sad event, but it’s nice to see that she has been training to be a producer and follow in Tsunku’s steps.

Lin Lin Idol School

She of course takes control of making the music as well as working alongside other talented creators.

They will be performing in Japan eventually, so that’s a relief for fans who are looking for a nice change to the idol formula with a twist from China.

I’m definitely looking forward to Idol School and what they have to offer, as well as Lin Lin’s return to the idol culture. Will they be a rival to the AKB48 culture? Time will tell, but for now welcome Idol School, class is now in session!

Idol School Weibo


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