Seiko Oomori “” MV Released

Seiko Oomori

The MV for Seiko Oomori’s has been released.

The double a-sided single JOY! Before After will be released on February 17, so it is one of those Valentine’s Day releases to give to someone who has caught your eye. Available in two versions: a regular edition and a limited edition with a special t-shirt in a special package, making it very special indeed.

As you might tell, LADYBABY members Rie and Rei are both on the Regular cover, so that’s a nice touch for fans of this unique duo.

Of course, we’re all here for the music and we do get that indeed. There is one catch, instead of a traditional MV we get to see clips of various girls and idols (most notable Up Up Girls, and several other smaller idols) saying “Aishiteru yo” (I love you).

It’s certainly a unique theme, and while the videos are all taken from a portrait position, it’s a nice way to tug the heartstrings of the many fans as they see their favorite idol say that to them.

Not exactly what I had in mind when I imagine a collaboration between many idols, but well worth a look for this unique release!

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