Perfume Announce New Album “COSMIC EXPLORER”, US/Japan Tour Dates

Perfume Cosmic Explorer Album

Perfume have announced that their upcoming 6th album will be titled COSMIC EXPLORER.

The album will contain songs from Sweet Refrain as well as their most recent releases covering their 15th-anniversary releases. It will be available in 3 versions: Regular, Limited A as well as B and will be out on April 6th.


  1. Navigate
  2. Cosmic Explorer
  3. Miracle Worker
  4. Next Stage with YOU
  5. STORY
  6. FLASH (Album-mix)
  7. Sweet Refrain (Album-mix)
  8. Baby Face
  9. TOKIMEKI LIGHTS (Album-mix)
  10. STAR TRAIN (Album-mix)
  11. Relax In The City
  12. Pick Me Up
  13. Cling Cling (Album-mix)
  14. Hold Your Hand

Limited Edition Tracklist:

  • FLASH -Original Instrumental-
  • Perfume no Tada Tada Radio ga Suki Dakara Radio! 2

Blu-ray (Limited A) & DVD (Limited B) Tracklists:

  • FLASH -Video Clip-
  • Hold Your Hand -Lyric Video-
  • 2014/07/14 Perfume “Cling Cling” World @ Harajuku Astro Hall
  • 2015/12/31 66th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen “Pick Me Up” Behind-the-Scenes Document

Alongside the album, there will be a Japanese tour covering areas where the group hasn’t performed before, as well as a US tour. Dates for the US tour haven’t been revealed yet but we should be getting them soon.

No other info such as cover art has been revealed but with the details above and the video they released (after the break) it seems like Perfume and fans alike are in for an amazing new album. It has been a long time since we last saw an album so the way they plan to promote it is just the cherry on top of the already exciting release.

Perfume fans are in for a treat!

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2 thoughts on “Perfume Announce New Album “COSMIC EXPLORER”, US/Japan Tour Dates

  1. Very exciting news for a perfume fan. If they hold a concert in my area, I’ll do my best to grab a ticket. As for the album, many of the new tracks look interesting, but I wish there weren’t so many already-heard A/B-sides. It happened with JPN, and it’s a shame we didn’t get as many new songs as albums like LEVEL 3 and Triangle did. I always look forward to hearing the album remixes though.


    1. I’ll definitely do the same if they get to my area as well! True the album doesn’t have that many new songs but at least those who didn’t get the singles have a good reason to have them all in the same place. Fingers crossed that with the next album we can get more newer tracks.

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