FES☆TIVE “Susume Jipangu” MV Released

Festive Susume Jipangu

FES☆TIVE have released the MV for their song titled Susume Jipangu.

Out March 16, the single will be available in 3 types with each version having a separate coupling song. Type A will have Koi Kouyo, Type B will have Shidareyanagi (Remix), while Type C will have Don Doko Matsu- rhythm – Moriagare Taiko-chan –.

To sum it up artfully, FES☆TIVE have released an upbeat song set in a colorful, quirky world full of shapes that will make your Wota mind implode from sheer excitement and awesomeness.

As the title suggests, the song uses the old name for Japan “Jipangu” and proceeds to tie in many references for those in the Nihon such as Sumo moves here and there with some Street Fighter thrown in for good measure.

As for the song itself, the vocals are laid back and relaxing with an extremely catchy instrumental. The setting complements the beat well, and the fact that they throw Suzuki Mitsuki into space for 10 billion years before she comes back is just amazing.

It must be seen to be believed, this quirky and fun idol MV is well worth watching!

Type A | Type B | Type C