LADYBABY “Renge Chance!” Details Released

Ladybaby Renge Chance Profile

Details for LADYBABY’s Renge Chance! have been released.

Ladybaby Renge Chance Cover

The single will be out April 13th, and thankfully details have been released recently so that we can find out a bit more in terms of what to expect.

There will be two main tracks: Renge Chance! as well as Seshibon Kibun. There seems to be two different outfits for each single, the one at the top of the post is for the main track and here is the one for Seishibon Kibun:

Ladybaby Seshibon Kibun Profile

They are as colorful as expected, with pink dominating the colors for the outfits. The main thing to note is that the main track has Chinese inspired outfits, with the members posing in karate poses, so we might be lucky and get to see an upbeat song.

The other track seems more slow due to the room setting, but we will have to wait and see.

Now that the pictures are out in public we should be getting the MV sometime soon, and I’m excited to find out just what we will be enjoying!