Nemoto Nagi “Purity” Solo Song Released

Niji no Conquistador Nemoto Nagi

Niji no Conquistador‘s Nemoto Nagi has released a solo song titled Purity.

This song is a collaboration between her and Mikeneko Homeless as well as Maltine Records who collaborated with her to release Purity as well as another solo song titled Soba ga Tabetai (Nagi Remix) which was released at the start of the year.

Sure, it might not be a full solo single, but the fact that we have Nagi’s talented voice featured alongside such catchy beats is a nice addition for fans of the electronic side of the idol spectrum.

Mikeneko Homeless – Purity feat. Nagi Nemoto (Nijicon)

The song is cool and features a nice calm electronic beat that features a somewhat laid back sound. It won’t be winning any song of the year awards, but it certainly is a good showcase of her talented voice.

I’m completely biased since Nagi is my favorite member from Niji no Conquistador, but these two songs are definitely among my daily rotation to start the morning.

Well worth a look for fans of Niji no Conquistador!

Here is the other song in case you missed it, think of it as a special bonus for Nagi fans:

Soba ga Tabetai (Nagi Remix)

Niji no Conquistador OHP