notall “Thanks a million ~Arigatou~” Single Announced

notall Thanks A Million Arigatou Cover

notall have announced the release of a new single titled Thanks a million ~Arigatou~.

The single will be released on March 8th, with the single featuring a surprise for many. The song was created by a fan, with the lyrics being gathered from Twitter.

There is an MV for the song up on their Facebook page so it’s well worth watching. Sure, the actual video is more of a slideshow with pictures with fans holding the lyrics as the members sing along, but in a way this makes it even more special since we get to see them show off the people who support them.

The song itself is a ballad with a nice beat to it coupled with some heartfelt lyrics, well worth a listen as you start your day.

Overall, this is a solid release from notall that showcases their appreciation for everyone!

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