Mirai Skirt “Sennen Shojo ~Tin Ton de Schon~” MV Released

Mirai Skirt Sennen Shojo MV

Mirai Skirt has released the MV for their single Sennen Shojo ~Tin Ton de Schon~.

Releasing March 2, there will be 5 different versions for fans with Type A featuring a cover of the members and the rest of the versions featuring solo pictures of the members which will feature solo shots of each of the members in them.

This single features the EDM style we love and adore from them alongside some interesting shots of the members running around town in white dresses.

It pairs perfectly with the song, since it has a nice EDM beat combined with happy idol vocals that match the bright colors. Sure, the beat might be a bit repetitive at times but the smiles the members have as they run to the beat of the song is just too good.

Well worth a look for fans of EDM idols!

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