Utada Hikaru “Hanataba wo Kimi ni” and “Manatsu no Tooriame” Short MVs Released

Utada Hikaru Hanataba Manatsu

Utada Hikaru has released short MVs for her newest singles titled Hanataba wo Kimi ni and Manatsu no Tooriame.

Both singles have been out since April 4th, but it’s definitely a nice touch to show off the short MVs on a special page with lyrics so those who are curious about her return can enjoy them before getting a copy of the single.

Hanataba wo Kimi ni has a cute paper look to it that matches the soft melody of the song perfectly. Likewise, Manatsu no Tooriame has a more  natural look to it with scenes of flowers, campfires, and nature.

Make sure to take a look at both since they look amazing and showcase the vocal talents of this J-pop legend!

Utada Hikaru Single MVs

Itunes [JP]: Hanataba wo Kimi ni Manatsu no Tooriame