SCANDAL Tour 2016 “YELLOW” In Europe Announced

SCANDAL Tour 2016 Yellow in Europe

SCANDAL have announced that they will be performing in Europe as part of their YELLOW album tour.

Kicking off on September 10th through the 25th, there are 10 concerts planned with details for the venue and tickets to be released later:

  • 9/10 – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 9/13 – Cologne, Germany
  • 9/14 – Hamburg, Germany
  • 9/16 – Wroclaw, Poland
  • 9/17 – Vien, Austria
  • 9/18 – Milano, Italy
  • 9/20 – Marseille, France
  • 9/21 – Barcelona, Spain
  • 9/24 – London, United Kingdom
  • 9/25 – Paris, France

It’s certainly nice to see that SCANDAL will not only be releasing their album in Europe, but will also be promoting it with some performances. Not to mention that it’s not only one or two stops but a full on tour in some of the main areas in Europe.

So far this single has seen massive success, and it will most likely see more alongside their upcoming Singapore live which is sure to get fans pumped up.

Make sure to be on the lookout for when tickets are announced since it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!