Fujii Rio’s Contract With Up-Front Has Been Immediately Terminated

Kobushi Factory Fujii Rio

Kobushi Factory member Fujii Rio is no longer part of Hello! Project and Up-Front due to a contract violation.

Fujii Rio had announced her graduation recently and mentioned how she wanted to accomplish her dream of becoming a teacher or nurse. Her graduation was set to take place at the end of Hello! Project’s summer concert tour.

However, she was later found to be involved in circumstances that violate Hello! Project rules after the graduation announcement was done. There were talks about improvement, but she failed to fulfill her agreement and it was decided that it was difficult to continue their duty of managing her.

After consulting with her parents it was decided that her contract would be cancelled. There is also mention of how disappointed they are that she did not make any improvements.

Hirose Ayaka, Kobushi Factory’s leader, apologized for the sudden announcement.

This comes as surprising news since Fujii Rio had a few months to go as a member before it was found that she was violating H!P rules. However, no additional details were given related to her situation and what she did to cause such an immediate contract termination.

Regardless, we wish Fujii Rio good luck with her life and hope that the circumstances that led her to leave are not too serious.

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2 thoughts on “Fujii Rio’s Contract With Up-Front Has Been Immediately Terminated

  1. There are MANY rumors abound and fans are desperate for answers. (The sad part about it is that can be accurate, an understatement, AND hyperbole.)

    The profile picture for Kobushi Factory has already been updated to reflect the changes. I did hope we get more answers (we’ve only gotten a statement from the website and a blog post from Ayapan and the summer concert your IS coming up), but at the same time… I have a feeling this may be all we’ll get. (I’ll still keep up the hope though.)

    Regardless, this is an awkward time.

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    1. There are so many rumors, but unfortunately it does seem like this will be an unanswered situation. I agree with you though that I hold on to some hope that we’ll get at least a slight detail in the future.


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