Death Rabbits “Usagi Stream 2” MV Released

Death Rabbits Dai Niji Usagi Taisen Album Cover

Death pop group Death Rabbits have released the MV for their track titled Usagi Stream 2.

Releasing June 1st as part of their 2nd album titled Dainiji Usagi Taisen, this track will be among the 12 tracks available for fans to enjoy. The full tracklist and MV are listed after the break.

BABYMETAL and Ladybeard are amazing, but maybe you need a little bit more death pop in your life? Thankfully Death Rabbits are here and they show off their talent in this catchy rabbit themed song.

Personally, it’s a bit on the tame side for me but it is interesting to see the theme they went for. For example, a traditional Japanese setting paired with a trio of idols and a guy in a gas mask is something that not many get to see.

Still, the vocals are catchy and the fact that there are clean vocals from the guy is a nice twist among the death idol scene.

It’s definitely an MV to check it out for those who love the more metal side of the idol spectrum!

Death Rabbits OHP | CDJapan

  1. Oshare Kappa Buchou to Yugami
  2. Nande?
  3. Usabi no Kimochi
  4. Kaijuu ANPONTAN 2
  5. Honyara Company
  6. By Your Side
  7. Akira’s Boot Camp
  8. Usagi Stream 2
  9. Nippon tama go kyoukai hikoushiki song 
  10. Chuu ni no natsu. Ojisan no natsu.
  11. Hontou no Sekaijuu ni Arigatou 
  12. Uchuchu