AKB48 49th Senbatsu Suspended Due To Bad Weather

AKB48 49th Senbatsu

It was announced that the highly awaited AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo has been suspended due to bad weather.

According to the forecast, there were high possibilities of rain and harsh thunderstorms throughout the day. As a result, the tickets will be refunded. If you have the tickets you can also use them to attend a viewing of the results titled 100 Patsu 98 Chu Kanri at the various AKB48 venues.

10,000 fans were expected to fill the venue to see the event and to also see the debut of STU48 in concert. The event will instead take place at a community center in Tomigusuku and the results will be announced through Fuji TV on June 17th.

While it’s sure to upset several dedicated fans, it seems like the decision was made for the safety of everyone, especially the fans who have to wait outside of the venue. Having everyone go out when it’s raining and thundering basically wouldn’t be a wise choice.

However, we look forward to finding out the results of the event soon!

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