Babyraids JAPAN “Senko Believer” MV Released

Babyraids Japan Senko Believer

Babyraids JAPAN have released the energetic MV for their 12th single titled Senko Believer.

Releasing May 25th, this single will be released in 2 limited editions and a regular edition.

  • Limited Edition A will feature an exclusive track, the MV for Senko Believer, Making Of for the CD jacket, and live footage from Babyraids JAPAN Dengeki no Live! 2015.
  • Limited Edition B will have an exclusive track, MV for Senko Believer, Dance ver of the MV, and behind the scenes video for the MV
  • Coupling song for all versions is Yuusha Boku no Bouken

With an instrumental that invokes a thoughtful feeling, the MV shows off a drama like setting with the members attending class while dancing on the roof.

While dancing on roofs is only recommended for qualified idols, the fact that they dance with passion definitely adds to the song well as we slowly see the story unveil.

The song itself is solid and catchy so you will definitely be humming as you listen to the catchy J-pop sound that shows off the vocals of the members.

The MV, while short, gives us a great look at what to expect and so far I’m loving what I saw and heard. Sure, it might lack a bit of a punch but the fact that the members show off their moves so energetically is a nice touch.

Check out the MV and make sure to get a copy since this will be a must have single!