Kobushi Factory’s Hamaura Ayano & Wada Sakurako Solo Blu-ray Announced

Kobushi Factory Hamaura Ayano Sakurako Wada Greeting Blu-ray

A solo blu-ray featuring Kobushi Factory members Wada Sakurako and Hamaura Ayano titled Greeting ~Hamaura Ayano・Wada Sakurako ~ has been announced.

The solo blu-ray is available for reservation starting today until May 16th with a release date of June planned.

Greeting blu-rays have always been a chance for new members to stand in the highlight. Naturally this means only one member gets showcased, but it seems like this time we instead get to see two members at the same time.

Despite that, we get to see a nice mix of scenes as Hamaura Ayano and Wada Sakurako play with the camera and walk in the ever so traditional seifuku.

While it might not be a solo solo-blu-ray release, it’s certainly better than nothing.

For now, check out the digest and get your copy if you like since it’s promising to be quite the nice bonus for Kobushi Factory fans.

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