Yurumerumo! Announce Mone and Chibo Will Graduate

Yurumerumo! id Idol Only You

Yurumerumo! has announced that members Mone and Chibo will be leaving the group.

Their graduation concert will take place on July 10th at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST.

According to reports, it appears Mone will be leaving due to her wanting to do something different than what the agency wants her to do.

Naturally, major labels have a set idea of what they want and it seems like this didn’t align with Mone’s ambitions so in a way it’s good to see her taking a stand.

Likewise, Chibo revealed that by joining a major label the idol group would become as big as a rock band. To her this isn’t what an idol is and she will be moving to a separate group titled Let’s PocoPoco. 

Chibo’s reason is a bit more interesting since to her idols shouldn’t have a rock feel, and instead have more of a traditional style like Morning Musume. Surprisingly, her move to Let’s PocoPoco was just similar timing.

It’s certainly an interesting time to be a Yurumerumo! fan, but please continue to support the group and the members!

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