BiS Announces Comeback With “BiSBiS” MV

BiS Comeback Pour Lui

Pour Lui has announced the comeback of BiS with an MV titled BiSBiS.

Alongside that we got a confirmation that there will be a new album titled Brand-new idol Society 2 which will be out November 16th.

According to the news release it seems like only Pour Lui will be making a comeback with the group and new members aged 18 to 28 years old will be auditioning to become part of this legendary idol group.

The MV gives us a great look at what to expect, with the same catchy rock instrumental combined with darker idol images that made the group what it was. Fans will be quick to notice that Pour Lui is wearing the outfit from the last concert, which is a nice callback to the resurrection of BiS.

For those who can’t get enough of the catchy track, BiSBiS is available right now to download through OTOTOY for free.

Not many details are out about the new album, but for now I’m glad to see that we have BiS back!


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