NMB48 “Saigo no Goshakudama” MV Released

NMB48 Saigo go Shakutama

NMB48 have released the MV for their song titled Saigo no Goshakudama.

Out August 3rd, the track is part of the Type B version of the single Boku wa Inai.

With a fun drama styled shot as well as scenes of the members of Team M dancing near a pool, Saigo no Goshakudama is certainly a must see MV from the group.

The instrumental, while a tad on the “too upbeat” side is solid enough to match the vocals of the members. It tends to be a bit too laid back at times, but it’s well worth a look for fans of the more relaxed song variety.

Make sure to check out the MV and grab a copy of the single below!

NMB48 Boku wa Inai Type B
Type B



  1. Boku wa Inai
  2. Ima Naraba
  3. Saigo no Goshakudama / Team M
  4. Boku wa Inai (off vocal ver.)
  5. Ima Naraba (off vocal ver.)
  6. Saigo no Goshakudama / Team M (off vocal ver.)


  1. Boku wa Inai (MV)
  2. Boku wa Inai (Dance Ver MV)
  3. Saigo no Goshakudama / Team M (MV)
  4. NMB48 Live House Tour 2016 Zepp Namba March 31st Afternoon