Yufu Terashima “Watashi ni Naru” MV Released

Yufu Terashima

Yufu Terashima has released the MV for her 1st album titled Watashi ni Naru.

Out September 21st, the album will be available in a Regular and CD+DVD version.

Styled after an 80’s Japanese drama, we get to enjoy Yufu as she enjoys the life of a typical girl for that period.

It’s packed full of cute scenes as she sings around the house as well as learns how to make pancakes for customers of her family’s restaurant.

Song-wise, its a fairly typical idol song with some solid singing in a ballad style … and that’s about it. There doesn’t seem to be any catchy section or highlights but it is a fairly great way for fans to enjoy her 1st album.

Make sure to check out the MV and enjoy the drama!

Unblocked Version

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  1. Watashi ni Naru
  2. Fuhehehehehehehe Daisakusen
  3. Suki ga Hajimaru (re-vocal version)
  4. Canpanela no Yuutsu
  5. Obraato of Love
  6. Neko ni Naritai!
  7. Iyahaya, Feeling
  8. Yuru Kyara Budoukai
  9. Hatsukoi no Silhouette (strings version)
  10. 101Kaime no First Kiss
  11. Zen zen
  12. Mada mada
  13. Suki ga Koboreru
  14. #Yuuflight (re-load version)

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Same as Regular version


  1. Watashi ni Naru (Music Video)