Wa-suta “Kanzen Naru Idol” MV Released

The World Standard Wa-suta

Wa-suta, also known as The World Standard, have released the MV for their 1st single titled Kanzen Naru Idol.

Out September 28th, the single will be available in a CD and Blu-ray version only.

With a cute idol theme combined with a goth instrumental, we get to enjoy a fairly unique sounding single that is catchy but shows off a side that many might not have seen from Wa-suta.

It starts off fairly tame with a typical happy idol sound at the start, but the song slowly turns dark as the members stare at the camera and sing about fallen angels as well as the dark side of being an idol.

That by itself gives you a good idea of what to expect, but there are a few more interesting scenes where the members throw creatures into the sky where they explode. In a way it seems like a mix of what idols might feel, with happiness dominating but having some slight frustrations at times.

Despite that I highly recommend you check out the MV since the song itself is catchy, with the visuals adding a unique flair that fans of the goth idol variety will love!

Wa-suta Kanzen Naru Idol



  1. Kanzen Naru Idol
  2. Pawawawawan!!! Powerpuff Girls
  3. Kanen Naru Idol (Instrumental)
  4. Pawawawawan!!! Powerpuff Girls (Instrumental


  1. Kanzen Naru Idol (Music Video)
  2. Pawawawawan!!! Powerpuff Girls (Official Dance Video)


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