Yurumerumo! “Mendoi Shindoi PUNK Suru ka” MV Released

Yurumerumo! Punk

Yurumerumo! have released the MV for their track titled Mendoi Shindoi PUNK Suru ka.

Released July 13th, the track is part of their mini-album WE ARE A ROCK FESTIVAL.

The MV for another track from the album titled Summer Bokan has already been released.

As the name suggests, the song has a punk edge to it with a fast paced instrumental made up of drums and guitars. Vocally it has some fun vocals with the members matching the style perfectly.

Visually, it’s impressive with a vintage handheld look as we enjoy scenes of the members singing out in public. The handheld look adds to the punk style well and it overall looks like a solid release for fans of the faster paced songs with a touch of idol vocals.

Make sure to check it out since it’s a fun addition for the mini-album!

Yurumerumo! We Rock Festival



  1. Gizagiza Freedom
  2. Summer Bokan
  4. Mendoi Shindoi PUNK Suru ka
  5. Hamidashi Paradise
  6. Yuru Vista!
  7. Night Hiking