AKB48’s Kita Reina and Kondo Moeri To Graduate

AKB48 Kita Reina Kondo Moeri

AKB48‘s Team 8 members Kita Reina and Kondo Moeri have announced their graduation from the group.

Announced at the group’s performance at Fukui, the two will have a joint graduation ceremony at AKB48 Theater on October 8th.

For their reasons for graduation, it seems like Reina wishes to do a variety of activities and not only be focused on being an idol. Kondo wishes to presumably leave the entertainment industry and focus on her education.

While graduations from the ’48 groups are fairly frequent, it’s rare to see two being announced at the same time. As for the reasons they seem to be fairly understandable, with Reina wishing to spread her wings and focus on more while Kondo wishes to focus on her education.

Regardless, we wish them the best of luck as they pursue their endeavors!