Moso Calibration “irony” MV Released

Moso Calibration Unbalance Umbrella

The MV for Moso Calibration‘s track titled irony has been released.

Part of their upcoming single titled Unbalance Umbrella, the release date is set for September 28th.

The MV for the main track Unbalance Umbrella has already been released.

As many might notice from the thumbnail below, the track is a cover of the anime Ore no Imoto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai. I will admit I haven’t heard the original song, but in true Moso Calibration style, the song features a heavy emphasis on electronic.

The result is a catchy sound that is sure to please fans from around the world, with the vocals matching an upbeat anime style while retaining a ballad sound.

The main complaint would be that the MV itself is not really an MV, and more of a slideshow with colorful effects behind anime versions of the members.

Is that bad? Not really, it’s a b-side so I wouldn’t expect a full blown MV, but at least it lets the song be the focus and that is where it gets to shine.

Make sure to check it out (if you can since it’s blocked in some areas), and grab a copy of this digitized idol release!

Moso Calibration Unbalance Umbrella Regular



  1. Unbalance Umbrella
  2. irony
  3. Unbalance Umbrella -instrumental-
  4. irony -instrumental-

Moso Calibration Unbalance Umbrella Limited



Same as Regular version


  1. Unbalance Umbrella -Music Video-
  2. Unbalance Umbrella -Music Video Making Of-