Younapi “été” MV Released

Younapi Return to Innocence

Yurumerumo!’s Younapi has released an MV for her track été.

The track was released on November 9th, 2015 as part of her 1st solo single Return to My Innocence.

With a mystical intro, Younapi wanders the forest as tiny animated spirits appear alongside her. It could be her pink hair or the fact that she’s singing, but it’s a nice touch to have the forest come to life around her.

Vocally … it’s Younapi. If you’re a fan of her singing then you’ll be in heaven. Otherwise, the instrumental is a tad on the weak side at times but it is certainly fitting of the more relaxed MV.

While the single might be on back order, it seems like more copies are being made so if you are able to get a copy make sure to do so!


Younapi OHP