AKB48 “Happy End” MV Released

AKB48 High Tension Limited A

AKB48 have released the MV for their track titled Happy End.

Out November 16th, the track will be the c/w for the A version of the single.

The MV for High Tension has been released already.

Taking place in a flowery field, we get to enjoy the members dancing to the beat of a rather upbeat song as well as playing some hide and seek. This colorful release is impressive, even if I’m incredibly confused about the whole can thing they have going on during most of the video.

Happy End thankfully has a fun idol sound that is fairly catchy while retaining a summer vibe to it. It’s not strong enough as a main track but it does its job well in ensuring that the A version has a solid sound to it overall.

Make sure to check it out if you can since it’s sure to please many fans of the more traditional idol variety.

AKB48 High Tension Regular A
Regular A



  1. High Tension
  2. Osaekirenai Shoudou
  3. Happy End
  4. High Tension (off vocal ver.)
  5. Osaekirenai Shoudou (off vocal ver.)
  6. Happy End (off vocal ver.)


  1. High Tension (Music Video)
  2. Osakirenai Shoudou (Music Video)
  3. Happy End (Music Video)

AKB48 High Tension Limited A
Limited A


Same as Regular A