UP UP GIRLS Announce 2nd Generation Auditions

Up Up Girls Kakko Nikki

UP UP GIRLS kakko Kari have announced auditions for a 2nd generation of members.

Announced at their recent Budokan live, the auditions will look for girls who are aged 12-23. It’s not clear if the new members will simply join the new group or if they will form a sister group.

The audition will be titled Up Up Girls Kakko Niki.

It seems like the UP UP GIRLS are in for an interesting future now that they’re looking for members since it could mean that we will be in for some unique releases and concerts.

Something to note is that their lineup has gone unchanged since their formation, so it was a bit of a surprise at first. Regardless, having more members is always a nice bonus for fans so I look forward to finding out more about the future members.

UP UP GIRLS 2nd Generation Audition Site | Natalie.mu

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