Niji no Conquistador “Rainbow Eclipse” Album Covers Released

Niji no Conquistador

Niji no Conquistador stunningly show off flannel and idols go well together in the covers for their 2nd album titled Rainbow Eclipse.

Out December 13th, the album will be released in Regular and Limited versions.

Featuring one of the coolest album titles to ever grace an idol album, Niji no Conquistador are gearing up for a solid release this coming December with a packed album.

Featuring 12 tracks, we get to enjoy some of their latest hits in a single place. Of course, fans who have not had a chance to get all of the singles are in luck, with the Limited edition being a special treat due to the 4 music videos included.

In fact, the only flaw I see from the album is that Nemoto Nagi and Nakamura Akari are not front and center, but that’s only my completely biased opinion talking.

Make sure to check out the covers and grab a copy!

Niji no Conquistador Rainbow Eclipse Regular



  1. Senjou no Kiyoshi Valentine
  2. Kagiri Naku Bouken ni Chikai Summer
  3. Paradoxical・Complex
  4. Watashi Tokidoki, Mahou Shoujo
  5. ↓Alien Girl・in・New York↑
  6. Dai Kirai Deshita。
  7. Cosmetic☆Star
  8. Magic The Labryinth
  9. Denkousekka, Natsu Hanabi。
  10. Paradise na Kataomoi
  11. Kiseki 100%
  12. Mirai Joujou!!

Niji no Conquistador Rainbow Eclipse Limited



Same as Regular


  1. Senjou no Kiyoshi Valentine Music Video
  2. ↓Alien Girl・in・New York↑ (Original Ver.) Music Video
  3. Kagiri Naku Bouken ni Chikai Summer Music Video
  4. Paradoxical・Complex Music Video

Niji no Conquistador