Maison book girl “karma” MV Released

Maison book girl karma

Maison book girl have released the MV for the b-side of their major label debut single titled karma.

Out since November 30th, the main single is titled cloudy irony.

The MV for cloudy irony has already been released.

Visually, the MV doesn’t feature the members at all. Instead, we get to enjoy a variety of Japanese landscapes as they go by while the camera records from a variety of shinkansen.

karma has a soft and similar style to most of their other releases. In a way it’s a tad on the repetitive side, but the familiar sound pulls you in if you’re a fan of their releases.

It’s well recommended for fans who are looking to hear a bit more of the single before buying the single since the visuals and the song itself combine to form a calming treat.

Maison book girl river Regular



  1. cloudy irony
  2. Karma
  3. 14days
  4. cloudy irony (instrumental)
  5. Karma (instrumental)
  6. 14days (instrumental)

Maison book girl river Limited



Same as Regular


  1. cloudy irony (music video)
  2. snow irony (live on Aug 9, 2016)
  3. film noir (live on Aug 9, 2016)
  4. bed (live on Aug 9, 2016)
  5. blue light (live on Aug 9, 2016)