every♥ing! “Churuchuru Chuchuchu” MV Released

everying! Colorful Shining Dream First Date

every♥ing! share their incredibly sweet and upbeat MV for Churuchuru Chuchuchu.

Out January 18th, the track is part of their 1st album titled Colorful Shining Dream First Date♥.

What do you get when you mix a duo of cute idols and a guy in a rabbit suit? An upbeat MV of course, and that’s exactly what the cleverly named track Churuchuru Chuchuchu contains: upbeat, cheerful J-pop that is nothing short of a delight.

The MV is incredibly sweet, packed full of scenes of the members as they go on dates with the same giant, expressionless rabbit (love triangle?). The colorful scenes are a treat that mix in perfectly with the incredibly upbeat song.

If you’re a fan of happy, upbeat songs with a catchy chorus then you’ll be in heaven since this is certainly a perfect way to enjoy the day!

everying! Colorful Shining Dream First Date Regular



  1. Colorful Story
  2. Kaze o Oikoshitakute
  3. Dream Flight
  4. Handstar ☆彡
  5. Churuchuru Chuchuchu
  6. What is L♥VE?
  7. Kesaran Pasaran
  8. Heroine
  9. Kimi no *Favorite*
  10. Suisai Melody
  11. Shining Sky
  12. Sayonara wa Iwanai


  • Sakura Iro

everying! Colorful Shining Dream First Date Limited



Same as Regular


  1. Churuchuru Chuchuchu
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