Shuukan Idol – Momusu 13th Gen, and More

Morning Musume '16 13th Generation

It’s been an incredibly busy week, but in this week’s Shuukan Idol is packed full of MVs, album and single announcements, as well as a surprise overseas performance for a dominating idol group.

The headline though is the announcement that we will finally get new Momusu members as part of their 13th generation. Full details are below as part of our top 6 highlights of the week!


Morning Musume ’16 announce 13th generation members

This is the moment us Hello! Pro fans have been waiting for: the announcement of 13th gen Momusu members. After several failed auditions, we got the reveal that members would come from the Kenshuusei and fans were delighted that a longtime member managed to finally make her dream come true. Congratulations to both!

Nagasawa Marina announces graduation from Houkago Princess

Nagasawa Marina, the baby-faced gravure idol that adores Star Wars, has announced her withdrawal from Houkago Princess. It’s a move that comes to not much surprise since she has been a tad on the busy side with multiple gravure projects, but nonetheless we wish her the best in her future plans.

Perfume surprise fans with a new single titled TOKYO GIRL

Perfume have been busy with multiple performances and CMs, but thankfully the long wait for new music is finally over. This new single will get a tie in and will be released early next year, so it seems like fans are in for an amazing start of the year from this EDM trio!

UP UP GIRLS head to Thailand for Japan Expo Thailand 2017

Dominating the idol scene and about to get new members/sister group, UP UP GIRLS have announced that they will be taking part of this year’s Japan Expo in Thailand. Make sure to go if you’re in the area!

Niji no Conquistador delight our ears and stomach with their noodle single Love Men Koi Ajiya wa Me

Niji no Conquistador are among my favorite idol groups, and with their latest single they seek to dominate not only my heart but also my stomach. Packed full of rap lyrics, ramen, and on constant play throughout the week on my phone, this is a unique single that fans will adore.

GANG PARADE go retro and release an MV for their hit single Plastic 2 Mercy

After a turbulent lineup change, GANG PARADE are ready to focus on their music. Thankfully, they seem to be starting fresh with the new lineup performing their hit track and incredibly catchy EDM styled Plastic 2 Mercy. It’s absolutely worth a listen!

Noteworthy mentions:


This week we have an idol group called Tsuri Bit who we have covered in the past with their single Chu Shitai. Now, they’re showing off their latest single and it’s certainly an interesting release that channels a more traditional idol sound.

There are two versions to enjoy: an MV with some story that is fairly long (appropriately titled the Full Ver. and featuring a middle aged professor wearing bunny earrings) as well as a Dance Shot. that gets straight to the point and shows off the song.

Tsuri Bit My Victory (Full Ver.)

Tsuri Bit My Victory (Dance Shot)

If you loved the song then you’re in luck since there are a large amount of types to choose from, including member solo covers. Make sure to grab a copy of this single by clicking below!


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!