lyrical school’s ayaka, ami, and mei To Graduate

lyrical school ayaka ami mei

Rap idol group lyrical school have announced the graduation of members ayaka, ami, and mei.

The two remaining members minan and hime will remain as part of the group but will be in hiatus for a short time after the graduations to plan out any restructuring.

Their graduation is set for the end of February 2017.

There are no additional details given regarding why they are all leaving, and it seems like no comments have been given apart from the traditional “sorry for the sudden announcement”.

This is by far the biggest surprise to come out since lyrical school seemed to be a solid group, but it seems like ayaka, ami, and mei have decided to go their separate ways.

Hopefully they remain in the music scene at least since ami, mei, and ayaka are talented and could do fairly well in a separate group or as part of other groups.

Best of luck ayaka, ami, and mei and hopefully we get to hear more music from the now duo in lyrical school!

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