Iikubo Haruna “Haruiro” PB Cover Released

Morning Musume '17 Iikubo Haruna Haruiro Cover

The cover for Morning Musume ’17 member Iikubo Haruna‘s PB titled Haruiro has been released.

Out January 28th, it will be her 1st PB release.

Hello! Project is well known for giving all members a chance to shine, and thankfully it seems like Harunan fans are in for a treat with this photo book release.

The cover shows of Haruna looking back at the camera with a soft light shining in the background. It’s simple, but it entices fans to check out the contents of the release in detail in a subtle way that a bikini cannot accomplish.

Simple, but stunning.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the PB is up for preorder on CDJapan, but we expect it to pop up in time. Of course, you can still use the site’s special request to order it.

A digest should be out in a matter of time so make sure to stay tuned!

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