Especia Announces Break Up


Especia has announced that they will be breaking up.

The 3 member group consisting of Tominaga Haruka, Mori Erika, and Nascimento Mia recently revealed the news with a surprisingly short tweet leading to a formal announcement on the site stating the group’s intent to stop all activities.

According to the official website, it seems like the decision to break up came as a result of staff and members discussing the future of the group. However, a formal decision as to why hasn’t been released.

They will continue to be active until March 2017.

This is a surprising move coming from a group that recently saw the addition of a new member back in June and one that showed great promise. However, it seems like the real reason as to why they will be going their separate ways will remain a mystery for now.

Make sure to check out their performances while you can!

Especia OHP