DIANNA☆SWEET Members Announce Graduation, Hiatus

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DIANNA☆SWEET have announced that current members Nagayama Fuka, Wakaba Mana, and Suzuki Azumi will be graduating from the group.

The three members are currently the only members of the group, meaning that upon their graduation the group will go on hiatus. DIANNA☆SWEET will re-debut with an all new lineup sometime in the future.

Their final live titled SWEET BOUQUET will take place on March 26th.

Thankfully the members did leave some parting comments for fans who have followed them through their 4 year run.

Nagayama’s message is the longest, where she mentions how she has enjoyed being an idol and how she has grown in experience. She also offers fans thanks and a glimmer of hope as she mentions that she wishes to continue in the entertainment business sometime in the future.

Wakaba and Suzuki on the other hand basically said “It was fun, k bye lol”.

We might never know if the members left on their own or if it was a management decision, but I look forward to seeing when (and if) the group will make a comeback.

Best of luck Nagayama Fuka, Wakaba Mana, and Suzuki Azumi!


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