Sakura Ebis Chill Out In A Party Room For Their “Lindbergh” MV

sakura ebis lindbergh

Sakura Ebis chill out in a party room in the MV for their digital single titled Lindbergh.

Out now, the track is available on iTunes, Recochoku, Apple Music, LINE MUSIC, and mora.

With a title like Lindbergh, it can be a bit difficult to tell exactly what kind of song we can expect from Sakura Ebis. Well, I’m glad to report that it’s not a song about Charles Lindbergh, but instead a chill idol release that’s packed full of light and disco balls.

Taking place in a room packed full of TVs, disco balls, and many pastel colored items, we get to see as the members sing to the beat of the song. Add in a handful of scenes of the members performing on stage and you have yourself a rather relaxing release to listen to on loop. Check out the MV and listen to that single on Apple Music below!

Sakura Ebis

sakura ebis lindbergh cover

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