Tokimeki♡Sendenbu Dance In A Warehouse For Their “Otome no Glorious” MV

tokimeki sendenbu tokiotome

Tokimeki♡Sendenbu dance in a warehouse in the MV for their Otome no Glorious track.

Out July 21st, the track is part of their 1st album titled Tokiotome.

Need some electronic idol music in your life? Then you’re in luck because Tokimeki♡Sendenbu have recently released the MV for a track from their 1st album and it’s a treat.

Taking place in any idol’s favorite hangout, dark and abandoned warehouse, we get to see the group as they sing along to the electronic beat. The idol vocals match perfectly with the heavy beat, making for a treat to enjoy as the scenes change with eye catching filters.

It’s a must watch for fans of electronic idol music, so make sure to check it out below! While you’re down there, why not grab a copy of their album to show your support?

Otome no Glorious

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