predia Show Off Their Stripes In The 80s Styled “Curtain Call” MV

predia curtain call

predia show off their stripes in the 80s styled MV for Curtain Call.

Out August 22nd, this will be their 8th major single release.

Classiness is something that predia do perfectly, and thankfully the latest MV from this group is incredibly stylish.

Taking place in a dark stage with bright lights in the background, we get to enjoy predia as they sing along to an 80s styled song with a casino vibe. It’s a unique song and one that shows off the vocal abilities of the members as the song plays. Well, it mainly shows off the vocal abilities of Akane but the other members get a line or two.

It wouldn’t be classy without some striped outfits, scenes of the members backstage, and scenes of the members as they chill on a sofa, so thankfully we get those as well. This all makes the song one worth watching if you’re in the mood for a more mature J-pop release.

Grab your striped costume and get ready for the curtain call in this delightful predia release!

Curtain Call

predia curtain call cover type a
Type A


predia curtain call cover type b
Type B


predia curtain call cover type c
Type C


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