TeddyLoid feat Aina The End “TO THE END” MV Released

TeddyLoid Silent Planet 2 Aina The End Cover

TeddyLoid has teamed up with BiSH’s Aina The End to release a series of MVs for the track titled TO THE END.

Out since March 17th, the track is part of the TeddyLoid’s SILENT PLANET 2 EP vol. 4 featuring Aina The End.

It’s no secret that Aina The End is among the most talented singers on the idol scene. Her unique voice has given BiSH the power it needs to rise up against all other groups as she powerfully sings in each song she’s in. Thankfully other have taken notice and now we have a solid collaboration between TeddyLoid and Aina The End titled TO THE END.

TO THE END has the powerful vocals from Aina as she sings over the catchy electronic beats from TeddyLoid. Visually it’s powerful, showcasing the amazing dance moves Aina has alongside her powerful stage presence. TeddyLoid meanwhile has equally powerful scenes of him sitting and standing up (hey, making music is hard work).

Out of the two I’d recommend checking out the lute Edition first since it shows off more scenes and has some solid dance shots and close-up shots from our favorite non-idol. The Black & Chrome edition is basically the same MV but with a few visual effects added in as well as more scenes of TeddyLoid.

If EDM is not your style you can stick to Aina’s BiSH releases with their latest single titled Promise The Star which is out now on iTunes and retailers.

Make sure to check out the MVs below!

TO THE END (lute Edition)

TO THE END (Black & Chrome Edition)

TeddyLoid Silent Planet 2 Aina The End Cover



  1. TO THE END feat Aina The End
  2. SHOUT IT OUT feat Aina The End & K Dub Shine
  3. SHOUT IT OUT feat Aina The End & K Dub Shine (Remix)
  4. BiSH – MONSTERS (TeddyLoid Remix)