Yumemiru Adolescence’s Kyouka Announces 1st PB, Titled “Thankyouka!!!”

Yumemiru Adolescence Kyouka Thankyouka!!! Cover

Yumemiru Adolescence member Kyouka has announced the released of her 1st photobook titled Thankyouka!!!

Out May 19th, the PB was shot by Takeo Dec.

The PB will contain 100 pages in an A4 size. Kyouka is also planning a release event for the PB at Fukuya Shoten on May 21st.

There are a few previews of the PB and they look amazing (obviously emphasizing a certain area of her body):

Of course, off-shot pictures are also available straight from Kyouka’s Twitter account:

Ignoring the pun-filled title, it seems like Yumemiru Adolescence fans are in for a treat. Kyouka has long been among the group’s most popular members for gravure, so her getting a chance to shine with her own release is a plus for everyone involved.

Make sure to check out the previews above (I’m sure you already have)!

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