GEM Is Disbanding

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GEM, also known as Girls Entertainment Mixture, have announced that they will disband.

Announced by Nikkan Sports, the move to disband the group comes as a result of a recent hold on the group’s activities. Murakami Lana and Iyama Maho had been suspended from the group following a breach of contract back in December 2017. This resulted in GEM having to cancel all of their activities left for 2017.

After management discussed what to do with the rest of the group it was ultimately decided to simply dissolve the group. The news was confirmed by GEM’s official website where members posted handwritten notes regarding the news.

GEM will disband on March 31st, with their final live taking place on March 25th at Tokyo Yamano Hall.

The group has been active since June 2013, giving us a rather long career where they delighted fans with their music. But, unfortunately all good things have to come to an end and it seems like it has resulted in the group having to part ways.

What will happen to each member? Time will tell, but for now best of luck GEM members!

Nikkan Sports | GEM OHP

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