Juice=Juice To Perform At Viral Fest Asia 2017


Juice=Juice will be performing at Viral Fest Asia 2017 in Thailand on June 3rd.

Viral Fest Asia 2017 will take place from June 2nd at 18:00 (JST) through June 3rd at 23:00 in Bangkok.

It’s good to note that this is not the performance that’s scheduled for Juice=Juice’s World Tour. This is a separate performance, meaning that they will be making their way to Thailand twice this year.

This is great news for fans in Thailand since they provide fans a preview of what their solo concert will be like, while also giving event attendees a reason to check them out later this year.

For now, make sure to check out the official site below (even if it still says 2016) for more info about the event and make sure to get those tickets!

Walker Plus | Thaich | Viral Fest