Idol Renaissance “Koukan Note” MV Released

Idol Renaissance

Idol Renaissance have released the MV for their track titled Koukan Note.

The song was composed by Yusuke Koide (vocalist of Base Ball Bear, an avid fan of idols) which helps give the song a laid back sound that has a unique sound that fits Idol Renaissance perfectly.

Visually, it’s a relaxing release that shows off scenes of the members singing in various spots around town and in school. It’s not too exciting, but it fits the theme of the song well and manages to have a unique feel as the song plays.

According to the description of the video, this track will be part of their 7th single which is due for release this summer. That’s great news since the last release (not counting the collaboration single with lyrical school) was on July of 2016, and we are long overdue for a new one.

For now, make sure to check out the MV below and stay tuned for more info for the release!

Koukan Note
Idol Renaissance

Note: MV is region locked

Idol Renaissance